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2000-Mile Indoor Antenna


2000-Mile Indoor Antenna


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Want to start watching more channels with crispy clear HDTV 1080p? The compact 2000-mile indoor antenna will take your visual and audio entertainment to the next level! Plus, you’ll never pay costly satellite or cable fees again!


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This indoor digital antenna works up to 2000 miles away from the station, pulling in a lot of channels with amazing performance and great reception. Plus, it is flat and small, meaning you’ll barely even notice that it’s there, and it’s also very easy to install and use.


Get your own indoor antenna NOW and let the crystal clear HD shows begin!

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2000-mile range, enabling you to access Over-the-Air TV channels so you no longer need cable or satellite subscription.

4m long cable that ensures the best reception no matter where you choose to place the indoor antenna. It’s perfect if your TV isn’t near a window.


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Full HD support to receive free HDTV broadcast signals.

Slim Build & High Flexibility, allowing you to place the HDTV indoor antenna anywhere (on a window, table, wall, or behind the TV) without taking up space.


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Fast and Easy setup: Just unbox, plug in, and scan channels on your TV.

The long-range indoor TV antenna also comes with a universal connector and signal amplifier.


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Specifications :

Product Color: Black

Size: 330*250*25mm

Plate antenna: 330*230mm

Coaxial Cable Length: 4M

Maximum Range: 2000 Miles

Video format: 720 p, 1080i, 1080 p/ATSC

Type of Connector: F – head + TV adapter

Gain (with Amplifier): 28~32 dBi

Impedance: 75Ohm

Voltage: USB 5V

Weight: 167g

Storage Temperature: -45 to 85℃

Operation Temperature: -45 to 85℃

Frequency: 174~240MHz and 470~862MHz


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Package List  :

1*TV Antenna

1*Universal Connector

1*Signal Amplifier (optional)



2000-Mile Indoor Antenna
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