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4 In 1 Multifunction Touch Screen Pen

Original price was: $25.80.Current price is: $12.90.

4 In 1 Multifunction Touch Screen Pen

Original price was: $25.80.Current price is: $12.90.

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Tired of carrying multiple pens and devices for your writing, lighting and phone support needs?

Introducing the 4 in 1 pen, the ultimate solution for all your needs in one compact package! With its versatile design, you’ll never have to worry about juggling multiple pens and devices again.




Imagine being able to write down important notes on your iPad easily, and then switch to a LED light function to illuminate your path in dim environments. The built-in clip allows you to hold up your tablet or smartphone securely, freeing up your hands and making it easier to work on the go.


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And the best part? This pen is compatible with a variety of tablet and smartphone sizes, and its compact and lightweight design means you can take it with you anywhere. Plus, its screen-friendly tip ensures your device stays scratch and fingerprint-free, making it a practical choice for anyone looking for a multi-functional tool.

Get your 4 in 1 pen today and experience the convenience of having all your essentials in one compact package!


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4 in 1 Pen: A versatile solution for all your writing, lighting, and phone support needs!

Normal Ballpoint Pen: Write down important notes with ease.


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LED Light Function: Illuminate your path in dim environments.

Built-in Clip: Holds tablets and smartphones securely, freeing up your hands.


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Compatible with a Variety of Devices: Suitable for tablets and smartphones of different sizes.

Screen-Friendly Tip: Keeps your device free from scratches and fingerprints.

Compact and Lightweight Design: Easy to carry with you wherever you go.


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Material: ABS
Battery: 3 x Button Batteries(Included)
Black Refill Head Diameter: 0.1cm/0.04″ (Approx.)
Pen Length: 13.5cm/5.31″ (Approx.)
Diameter: 1cm/0.39″ (Approx.)


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Package List :

1 x LED Pen





4 In 1 Multifunction Touch Screen Pen

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