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Adjustable Furniture Lifting Belt

Original price was: $29.85.Current price is: $19.90.

Adjustable Furniture Lifting Belt

Original price was: $29.85.Current price is: $19.90.

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If you haven’t pulled a muscle, injured your wrist, or sprained your back trying to lift a heavy object, count yourself lucky because those happen more often than you think. Also, count yourself luckier because the Adjustable Furniture Lifting Belt reduces your chances of injury!




The belt’s 100kg load capacity, versatility, adjustable strap, comfortable handles, and overall strength makes lifting or moving furniture and other items like firewood, mulch, or boxes easy peasy!

Order your safety and comfort now!

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✓  Safe & easy; for lifting, just find someone to hold onto the other handle and you’ll both be done in seconds!

✓  Comfortable, strong & durable; strap 6-inch wide strap; you can adjust fast from 3 feet up to 6 feet long to lift up to 600 lbs!


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✓  Anti-wrinkle & adjustable; makes working in the yard or moving things in your home or office easier and quicker, lowering injury risks.

✓  Multifunctional; Use for moving furniture and mattresses or carrying large or smaller items like boxes, firewood while camping, etc.


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✓  Specifications :

Materials: ABS

Skin Type: General

Product opening length: 1.7 meters

Product handle width: 150CM {webbing width 10CM}

Maximum load capacity: 100KG


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✓  Package List: :

1* Adjustable Furniture Lifting Belt




Adjustable Furniture Lifting Belt

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