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Air Power Drain Blaster_0009_img_4_Air_Power_Drain_Blaster_Gun_High_Pressur.jpg

Air Power Drainer

Original price was: $58.12.Current price is: $38.75.

Air Power Drainer

Original price was: $58.12.Current price is: $38.75.

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Does almost every sink in your house look like a puddle of rainwater? Does your toilet bowl look less like a bowl and more like a gross-looking mess!


Air Power Cleaner Pump – hosenwelt


The Air Power Drainer blasts high-pressure air through all the pipes in your house to remove hair, vegetable peel, tea leftovers, and all sorts of rubbish blocking the pipeline. Thanks to the 4 different suckers with different sizes, it can easily unclog washbasin, sink, bathtub, floor drain, squatting pan, toilet, etc!


Blast the clogginess out, enjoy a more hygienic life!



✓  High-pressure & 4 suckers for different pipelines (washbasin, sink, bathtub, floor drain, squatting pan, toilet, etc.

✓  Suitable for hard pipe: cast iron pipes, PVC pipes, PPR pipes (Not suitable for soft pipe: rubber hose, plastic hose, others).


Air Power Drain Blaster_0003_Layer 1.jpg


✓  Unclogs hair, vegetable, accessory, and other similar wastes (but not suitable for urine alkali, cement, hard object).

✓  Safe and easy to use with one click thanks to its water gun-like design!


Air Power Drain Blaster_0004_img_11_Air_Power_Drain_Blaster_Gun_High_Pressur.jpg



How to use: Pull the handle about 15 to 25 times & repeat several times until the blockage is removed.


Air Power Drain Blaster_0006_img_8_Air_Power_Drain_Blaster_Gun_High_Pressur.jpg


✓  Specifications :

Material: ABS plastic

Mouth material: Rubber

Size: 27.5*28.5cm/10.83*11.22 in.

Weight: 650g


Air Power Drain Blaster_0008_img_5_Air_Power_Drain_Blaster_Gun_High_Pressur.jpg


✓  Package list :

1* tube plunger

4* plugs




Air Power Drainer

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