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Car Sunshade Visor

Original price was: $49.35.Current price is: $32.90.

Car Sunshade Visor

Original price was: $49.35.Current price is: $32.90.

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Driving during sunrise or sunset is dangerous because it’s impossible to see what’s ahead of you, or during the night when other drivers use headlights that can almost blind you. That’s why this Car Sunshade Visor will be a blessing!


FILTERUV™ : 2-in-1 Day/Night HD Car Vision visor – Bella gadgets


The Car Sunshade Visor is the perfect option to clearly see your way while driving, during the day and the night. Made with high-quality Acrylic & ABS, it comes in two colors to ensure that you drive safely everywhere, anytime.


Your trips will be safer now with the Car Sunshade Visor.

Car Sunshade Visor


✓  High-quality materials for long durability without scratching or breaking.

✓  Perfect for day and night use due to its 2 colors.

✓  Transparent gray that blocks sunlight & protects your eyes from ultraviolet rays and fatigue.


2 in 1 Tac Visor - Military-Inspired Visor Blocks Glare Without Blocki -  yualtorh


✓  Transparent yellow that works as night vision goggles, perfect for opposite headlights.

✓  Easy to install & change colors even while driving.

✓  After installing you can rotate it to better block sun/headlights.


Car Sunshade Visor_0005_Layer 12.jpg


✓  Perfect to drive safely during sunrise/sunset.

✓  Fits all car models.


Car Sunshade Visor_0008_Layer 9.jpg

✓  Specifications :

Material: Acrylic & ABS

Dimension: 300 x130 x40mm

Wight: 400g

Color: Transparent gray/yellow


Car Sunshade Visor_0000_4.3in.jpg


✓  Package list :

1* Car Sun Visor

1* Car Night Visor

1* Clip




Car Sunshade Visor

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