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Earbuds Cleaning Pen


Earbuds Cleaning Pen


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Your earbuds have probably accumulated a great deal of dirt and bacteria. So the moment you put them on, they will leak dirt and bacteria into your ears… ew!


Earbuds Cleaning Pen


The Earbuds Cleaning pen with a plush brush and metal nib will thoroughly clean even the smallest holes in the earbuds and their charging box, and it can also deep-clean your phone, tablet, cameras, etc.


Dust off, brush, and clean your devices. Order now!

Earbuds Cleaning Pen


Pen-shaped design that makes it portable and easy to store and use anytime, anywhere.

Multifunctional: It can be used to clean headphones, mobile phones, tablets, cameras, etc.


Earbuds Soft Cleaning Brush_0000_Layer 14.jpg


Fine metal tip that cleans the smallest parts and holes of earbuds and other devices.

Soft microfiber brush that deeply cleans your devices and is comfortable to grip.


Earbuds Soft Cleaning Brush_0011_Layer 2.jpg



Color: As shown in images

Size: 13cm/5.12in

Material: plastic


Earbuds Soft Cleaning Brush_0012_Layer 1.jpg

Package List :

1* Cleaning pen




Earbuds Cleaning Pen

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