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Electric Hair Clipper

Original price was: $73.35.Current price is: $48.90.

Electric Hair Clipper

Original price was: $73.35.Current price is: $48.90.

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Stuck at home? You don’t have to deal with the long, annoying hair every day till it is safe again to see an expert. Fix it yourself at home, and don’t worry, it never been easier than now…


Electric Hair Clipper


This is The Electric Hair Trimmer, what every young and old man needs for a great look! It’s a compact hairdressing tool that will help you trim your hair without hurting your scalp. In minutes, your hair will be flawless and without any extra hair, even on your face and neck. The Electric Hair Trimmer is durable, adjustable, comfortable to use, and with different blade lengths. So, say hello to your new hairstyles!


Always look your best with The Electric Hair Trimmer!

Electric Hair Clipper


✓  Trim & fix your hair safely and easily without the help of anyone.

✓  Adjustable knob to use the length you need for your combing and trimming requirements.

✓  Replaceable double blades head that is also easy to clean.


Electric Hair Clipper


✓  Safe & ergonomic design to make sure you have a smooth and comfortable experience without hurting yourself.

✓  Durable & premium material that is also comfortable to hold.

✓  Lightweight & compact making it easy to use and carry anywhere.


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✓  Low noise motor to not disturb you or anyone in your household.

✓  Ideal for all ages and genders.


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✓  Specifications :

Power supply: Charging/power dual purpose
Size: 805 alloy cutter head
Waterproof: no
Battery: Rechargeable, charges in 2.5 hours and last 120min

Voltage: 110-240v/5w


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✓  Package List :

1* Hair clipper

1*USB charging cable


1*Cleaning brush

4* Pieces of different lengths




Electric Hair Clipper

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