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Heated Socks

Original price was: $117.98.Current price is: $58.99.

Heated Socks

Original price was: $117.98.Current price is: $58.99.

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This winter presents us with a special case: Staying home all day, every day! So the lack of activity causes our bodies to feel the cold stronger than usual. So be winter-ready, head to toe – We have got the toe part covered for you:




The Heated Socks will cover your feet, ankles, and calves, embrace them with soft and comfortable material, and provide them with great warmth. You can adjust the heating as you please and enjoy being all warmed up! The Heated Socks are made of breathable, odorless, and waterproof material for a great experience!


You can now enjoy indoor and outdoor activities with warm toes! Get your Heated Socks Now!

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Double layers fabric structure in these heated socks to bring extreme comfort and warmth to you.

3 adjustable heating modes to help you choose the warmth you are comfortable with the most. (Suggested modes: 104°F for daily life, 122°F for working, and 40°F for outdoors)


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Waterproof, wear-resistant & durable material that provides a long using life span.

Breathable & odorless material that is highly elastic for different sizes to cover your foot, ankle, and calves carefully.


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Large battery capacity that prevents you from recharging frequently.

Perfect for the winter season, like skiing, skating, cycling, hiking, etc.


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Specifications :

Type: heating socks

Quantity: 1 set

Material: modal+ cashmere + plastic + electric component

Color: black / gray

Heating modes: three modes

Battery capacity: 4500mah *2

Voltage: 3.7v

Power bank size: 8*4.9*1.3cm/ 3.14*1.93*0.51 inch (L*W*H)

Net weight: 450g/ 15.87oz


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2* heating sock

2* power bank

1* cable

1* package box


Heated Socks

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