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Heavy duty tape


Heavy duty tape


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Tired of wasting money on unexpected home repairs? Want to fix up those wall and floor cracks without spending too much? The Heavy Duty Tape has you covered!

You can easily and instantly seal cracks, gaps, and holes, and prevent water leakage in your house, thanks to its strong adhesive, waterproof material, high-temperature resistance & anti-friction powers! P.S., don’t worry about replacing it too soon because it will last for a long time!


Give your home an upgrade with The Heavy Duty Tape!

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Durable professional quality Aluminum Foil Butyl Rubber Tape that is thick, anti-scratch, anti-friction, high-temperature resistance

Smooth surface with high reflectivity and is more thermally insulated.

Strong adhesive that sticks instantly & seals everything in place.


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Waterproof & prevents water leakage from pipes, hose, and walls.

Multifunctional & easy to use; suitable for permanent use indoor & outdoor (metal sheet, walkway repair, pipe repair, zinc roof repair, rubberized roofing, etc).


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Note: :

Before application, make sure that the surface is clean & dry. Remove the protection film slowly and apply the tape, then press the tape firmly to stick to the surface. Wait 24 hours to get the best performance!



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Specifications :

Color: silver

Material: Aluminum Foil+Butyl

Size: 50MM*5M, 100MM*5M


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Package list  :

1* Heavy Duty Tape 5m




Heavy duty tape

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