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Lightboard Alarm Clock

Original price was: $44.98.Current price is: $29.99.

Lightboard Alarm Clock

Original price was: $44.98.Current price is: $29.99.

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“Tonight I will sleep early,” says you every night, only to end up sleeping past midnight! Isn’t it better to turn off your phone at bedtime? Saying that you need your phone’s alarm to wake up is not a valid argument because there is a much better alternative.


Lightboard Alarm Clock


Unlike your phone that tempts you to stay up late, the Lightboard Alarm Clock won’t harm your sleep. This is also not just any alarm clock; it comes with a LED screen board where you can write notes, draw or leave a message to your family — the message will glow on the board in the dark!


Wake up fabulously with The Lightboard Alarm Clock 🙌!

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✓  LED luminous screen board; you can write or draw anything you like or set to ring a “Happy Birthday” song for a family member.

✓ Multifunctional; alarm clock (12hours/24hours format) with calendar, message board, degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit options, and snooze function.

✓  High-quality ABS plastic material & PMMA acrylic; will last for as long as you want them to.




✓  4 USB charging ports; anything that can be charged using a USB port can be charged with this alarm clock.

✓  Triple-A battery; the batteries are not included but they’re easy to find!

✓  Stylish modern design with a 2-color option for backlight; green & blue.


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✓  Fun gift idea for a friend or a special someone.

✓  Suitable for home, office, studying, etc.


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✓  Specifications  :

Material: ABS plastic + PMMA acrylic

Backlight color: blue & green

Weight: 150 g

Size: Approx. 138 x 117 x 64mm

Power supply: USB charging port or AAA battery (Batteries not included)


Lightboard Alarm Clock_0009_0.9in.jpg

✓  Package list :

1* Blue LED Fluorescent Message Board

1* Pen




Lightboard Alarm Clock

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