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Multi-function Onion Cutter_0014_Layer 2.jpg

Multi-function Onion Cutter

Original price was: $35.98.Current price is: $23.99.

Multi-function Onion Cutter

Original price was: $35.98.Current price is: $23.99.

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Isn’t it tragic when you realize that your dish does not look as good as it tastes? It’s all because of uneven vegetable cuts! As they say, you eat with your eyes first, and that is why we have tools like the Multi-function Onion Cutter.


Multi-function Onion Cutter


This onion cutter has razor-sharp blades that cut onion spring, scallion, garlic, spinach, and other vegetables evenly, making them look like they were made by chef Gordon Ramsay himself! Also, it is very safe to use; insert, cut through, and start chopping!


If you want to stop ruining your dishes order the Multi-function Onion Cutter!

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✓  High-quality anti-rust stainless steel plum blossom cutter that will last for a long time.

✓  Multifunctional so you can shred any vegetable including onions, young garlic leaf, scallion, chimes, etc.

✓  Sharp 360° blades arranged like wheel spokes to easily cut vegetables thinly and evenly, rivaling a spiralizer!


Multi-function Onion Cutter_0011_Layer 6.jpg


✓  Designed to help with making various dishes like salad, salmon, pasta, and more.

✓  Easy to use by going through the vegetable stem, into the rod, and cutting through the blade.

✓  Eco-friendly & Safe to use so you’ll no longer worry about painful cut wounds.

✓  Easy to clean; it won’t take too much of your time and effort.


Multi-function Onion Cutter_0006_Layer 11.jpg

✓  Specifications :

Material: Stainless steel

Type: vegetable tool, onion cutter, onion cutter slicer, plum blossom

Size: 11CM


Multi-function Onion Cutter_0010_Layer 7.jpg

✓  Package list :

1* Onion Cutter

And voila! Enjoy your tasty onion rings!




Multi-function Onion Cutter

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