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Multifunction Contour Gauge 


Multifunction Contour Gauge 


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Find it hard to copy exact measurements during projects? The Multifunction Contour Gauge is the tool you need for woodworking, various installations, or any project, task, or hobby where contour copying is important.


Multifunction Contour Profile Gauge – DIY Circle


You can use the contour gauge duplicator to copy corner and edge measurements on wood, tiles, metal, drawers, carpets, and more. Amazingly, it’s super easy to use; all you need to do is press the tool against any item and trace the surface’s contours.

The plastic contour gauge is an almighty tool when it comes to comparing and transferring accurate measurements.


Take measurements the precise way with the multifunction contour gauge! Order yours NOW!

Multifunction Contour Gauge 


Extremely convenient to measure the shape of countless irregular objects.

Easy to use; Just press the tool against an object to duplicate its shape.


Multifunction Contour Gauge 


Precise measurement for successful and highly accurate results 

Made of high-quality ABS plastic that’s sturdy, durable, and anti-rust.

Ideal for any job that requires contour duplication.


Multifunction Contour Gauge 


Name: Multifunction Contour Gauge

Color: Blue and Red

Material: ABS Plastic

Size: 4,5in*5.2in or 4.5in*6in


Multifunction Contour Gauge 



Package List 

1*Contour Gauge

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