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Realistic Halloween Skull Mask

Original price was: $57.80.Current price is: $28.90.

Realistic Halloween Skull Mask

Original price was: $57.80.Current price is: $28.90.

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Seriously, how many Halloween skull cosplays out there look really spooky to you? Only a few. At least one thing we learned from all the Halloweens that passed is that a realistic-looking skull always wins!


Realistic Halloween Skull Mask


The Realistic Halloween Skull Mask captures the spookiness of a night in a haunted graveyard or zombie apocalypse to terrify everyone, including other skull wearers around you! The jaw of the skull moves as you talk thanks to the flexible material which is also breathable and very comfortable to wear.


Stand out spookily, order your skull mask!

Official Realistic Skull Mask™ – Shop King Trends


✓  Moveable jaw that makes the skull mask look hyper-realistic and creepy!

✓  Safe, breathable, comfortable made from soft elastic latex so it’s flexible and won’t strain your facial skin.


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✓  Eco-friendly, durable, and wear-resistant to last for a long time to use at any horror-themed party or photoshoot.

✓  Fits most people, optimal for a head circumference of 58-62 cm. The maximum head width is 18 cm. The maximum head length is 24 cm.


full head skull mask_0011_aed2d1e9-2795-4b21-aefc-ba97af420a61_8.jpg


✓  Specifications :

Material: Latex

Weight: About 240g

Size: Optimal for 58-62 cm head circumference


full head skull mask_0004_img_4_Halloween_Full_Head_Skull_Mask_3d_Skelet.jpg


✓  Package List: :

1* Realistic Halloween Skull Mask




Realistic Halloween Skull Mask

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