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Resin Shaking Head Puppy

Original price was: $39.80.Current price is: $19.90.

Resin Shaking Head Puppy

Original price was: $39.80.Current price is: $19.90.

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We all have bad days. Sickness, terrible weather, traffic jam, or your boss is probably on your case… you need something, even if it’s small, to lift your mood!




The Resin Shaking Head Puppy is the perfect pick-me-up for those tough days. This adorable bobble head pup figurine will make you smile every time you look at it, and that’s a good mood worth having! If you have kids, they’ll appreciate it, too! Order your Resin Shaking Head Dog!


Shaking Head Dog3.jpg


✓ Adorable bobble head dog figurine, the perfect addition for your car dashboard, home or office decoration.

✓ It comes with adhesive tape to keep it from falling off your car dashboard.


Shaking Head Dog6.jpg


✓ It will instantly boost your mood whenever you look at it.

✓ It can be a cute gift for a loved one.


Shaking Head Dog4.jpg



Material: Plastic Fiber

Size: Approx 8.5-10 x 5-5.5cm

Functions: Car/Home/Office Decoration


Shaking Head Dog1.jpg


✓ Package List:

1 x Puppy figurine

1 x adhesive tape

Resin Shaking Head Puppy

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