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Romantic Red Rose Bear


Romantic Red Rose Bear


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Do you feel the need to starve yourself to buy expensive gifts for your Valentine’s even when you can’t afford them? Just to show how much you care? An expensive gift doesn’t automatically mean it’s a good one.



Just look at this cute, romantic, and sentimental bear red rose bouquet! It’s a creative way to gift flowers to your lover without having to overspend. The red color is so passionate and vivid, and the synthetic roses themselves look so real.


Real flowers die, fake flowers live on. Order your wifey or GF one of these!

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✓ A beautifully crafted synthetic bear-shaped rose bouquet to gift your special person on Valentine’s Day, birthday, or any day.

✓  High-quality styrofoam roses that will last forever, just like your love for your special someone (or for yourself if you’re single).

✓  A pretty black ribbon around the neck of the bouquet, making the bear look even cuter!


Romantic Red Rose Bear_0001_Layer 8.jpg


✓  Specifications :

Material: styrofoam

Color: Red

Size: 9 inches


Romantic Red Rose Bear_0003_Layer 6.jpg


✓  Package List :

1* Romantic Red Rose Bear




Romantic Red Rose Bear

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