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Under Door Draft Guard


Under Door Draft Guard


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Let’s be honest, the place for cold is outside your home just like the warm should stay inside. But, sometimes, you can close your door with seven locks and you still feel that cold breeze coming from under the door. Well, to stop that, you need The Under Door Draft Guard.


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The Under Door Draft Guard was specifically made to be placed under any door of your house. Just slide it under your door and it’s done! The foam material has two major jobs: to prevent cold and sound from entering your house! The high-quality materials are durable and washable, but you can still cut them to get the length you need!


Keep cold and sound outside your home tranquility with the Under Door Draft Guard.

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✓  High-quality materials, durable for long usage.

✓  A special foam material that works as a temperature isolator and sound blocker.

✓  Washable after some time of use and stays as good as new.


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✓  Easy to place, just slide it under the door.

✓  Strong materials but easy to cut to get just the length you need.


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✓  A perfect way to keep dust, cold, wind, sound, and small insects outside.

✓  Prevents doors from scratching the floor.


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✓  Specifications :

Material: Foam, Fabric.

Size: 2.5x98cm / 1×38.6”

Color: Black, Grey, Khaki


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✓ Package List :

1* Under Door Draft Guard




Under Door Draft Guard

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