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Water Saving Faucet

Original price was: $67.35.Current price is: $44.90.

Water Saving Faucet

Original price was: $67.35.Current price is: $44.90.

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Water Saving Faucet

Did you know that the tap is an easy spreader of bacteria? Your hands may become clean, but the tap that you just touched remains unclean, which means you need a better way to protect your health. Here is how: The Water Saving Faucet!


Water Saving Faucet


This smart and durable Water Saving Faucet ensures that you never touch the dirty tap again due to its intelligent sensors, which means the tap will switch on and off automatically without contact! Not only that; the Automatic Faucet will also save up to 30% of your water costs by reducing your water consumption! This Water Saving Faucet is the best option to protect your health, save your wallet, and guard the environment!


Water Saving Faucet


The water-saving faucet is an automatic device that provides a gentler water flow while ensuring to save more water.

Smart & Touch-free faucet that needs only to feel your hand under the sensor to let the water flow automatically.


Water Saving Faucet


Overflow protection due to the built-in storage capacitance that prevents water from flowing out.

Infrared induction water & eliminate contact pollution for a safer and more hygienic way to use the sink.


Water Saving Faucet


6 choices of adapters to meet your faucet needs!

USB Power charging & Durable water-saving faucet that can last for over 6 months after 3-hour charging only.

User-friendly & easy installation that requires no extra expenses on plumbing.


Water Saving Faucet


Specifications :

Weight: 105g
Product size: 60x34x49mm/2.36×1.34×1.93”
Standby power consumption: ≤0.2mW
Operating water pressure: 0.05-0.8MPa
Operating water temperature: ≤75 ℃
Sensing range: Lateral induction 0-5cm, bottom induction 0-10cm
Water efficiency: level 1
Protection class: IPX6


Water Saving Faucet


Package List :

1* Water Saver Faucet

1* Installation Key

3* Sealing Rings

6* Adaptors

1* User Manual

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Water Saving Faucet




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