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Windshield Glass Anti-fog Agent

Original price was: $29.98.Current price is: $19.99.

Windshield Glass Anti-fog Agent

Original price was: $29.98.Current price is: $19.99.

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Only those who drive or wear glasses know the frustration that fog can cause – not only is it annoying but also pretty dangerous to drive or see through the fogged glass that gets even foggier after wiping!




The Windshield Glass Anti-fog Agent will make any glass impossible to fog up, keeping you safe and comfortable at all times. One spray can last for days, so you won’t have to deal with fogginess again! Make your days clearer, shop your anti-fog agent here!


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Use it for windshields, car mirrors, bathroom mirrors, glasses, helmets, etc.

Anti-glare & outperforms traditional anti-fog solutions.


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Repels fog for 30 days with a single application.

Safe for human skin and car paint jobs.


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pH neutral so it won’t damage other surfaces.

Reduces the risk of a car accident.


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Clean the glass with water.

 Shake well and spray a little and the glass.


Anti-Fog Agent1.jpg



 Apply evenly by towel.

 Wait 20 minutes for dryness.


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Capacity: 100ml





Package List:

1 x Windshield Glass Anti-fog Agent

Windshield Glass Anti-fog Agent

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