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Clip-Clip Seat Belt Clamp

Original price was: $29.50.Current price is: $14.75.

Clip-Clip Seat Belt Clamp

Original price was: $29.50.Current price is: $14.75.

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Is your seat belt too tight or too loose? Is the seat belt locking clip too rusty and worn out to function?! You should always keep yourself and your loved ones safe while driving, and it’s all possible with the Clip-Clip Seat Belt Clamp!


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This seat belt clamp is super easy to install, universally compatible with standard seat belts, and super reliable, letting you freely adjust your seat belt and secure it.


Stay safe, order the Clip-Clip Seat Belt Clamp!



✓  Adjustable seat belt lock that can easily be attached to your seat and keep you safe.

✓  Quick and easy to install, preventing the belt from being too tight or too loose.


Clip-Clip Seat Belt Clamp_0011_car-seat-belt-clip-extension-plug-car-sa_main-3.jpg


✓  Multicolor + widely compatible with car seat belts.

✓  Durable Plastic + Metal material that is very hard to break.


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✓  Specifications :

Item width: 2.1inch

Belt Convertersize: 40 mm * 21 mm

Item Weight: 50kg

Color: As shown in images


Clip-Clip Seat Belt Clamp_0002_Layer 1.jpg


✓  Package List: :

1* Clip-Clip Seat Belt Clamp




Clip-Clip Seat Belt Clamp

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