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Cute Pupper Car Seat

Original price was: $97.80.Current price is: $48.90.

Cute Pupper Car Seat

Original price was: $97.80.Current price is: $48.90.

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Does your little furry baby get scared or anxious during car rides? Do you get scared and anxious knowing that your dog or kitten could get motion-sick or get hurt if you happened to stop abruptly somewhere?


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The Cute Pupper Car Seat will keep your pet both safe and happy during car trips, as they will perfectly fit into the small box and sleep or just sit comfortably! This seat will also keep your pet warm and snug in winter, and you can use it in the car or while carrying your pet outdoors!

Your doggo or kitten’s happiness starts with one order!

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Strong buckle to keep your pet from slipping out of the seat and getting hurt.

Adjustable soft pillow to help your pet sleep comfortably anytime, anywhere.


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Multifunctional + fits all cars, can be used as a car seat, seat at home, or a bag to carry your pet outside while walking/traveling.

Removable and washable pillow so that your pet can stay healthy and nap on a clean pillow!

Elastic bandage, easy to disassemble and store when you’re traveling with your pet.


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Specifications :

Color: As shown in images

Size: 42*20*22cm

Material: pp + cotton + linen


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Package List :

1* Cute Pupper Car Seat




Cute Pupper Car Seat

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