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Dent Repair Kit

Original price was: $70.35.Current price is: $46.90.

Dent Repair Kit

Original price was: $70.35.Current price is: $46.90.

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How many times have you dented your car and ended up hiring professionals to fix it? Why would you waste so much time and money when you can do it yourself, at home, for free!


Finally! Remove car dents easily! – Melle Shop


The Dent Repair Kit is perfect to remove minor and major dents without damaging the paint. In seconds, you will pop out the dents effortlessly and efficiently. The Dent Repair Kit can be used on refrigerators, washing machines, and motorcycles, too!


No one will know about your car dents anymore with this Dent Repair Kit.

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Efficient & instant dent repair without damaging the paint.

Wide range of applications as it can repair dents on cars, fridges, washing machines, etc.

Safe & easy to use to allow anyone to operate with the tools safely.


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Premium quality that is highly durable.

Compact size to keep in your car without taking up much space.


Dent Repair Kit_0008_img_3_Car_Dent_Repair_Tools_Dent_Repair_Kit_Au.jpg


Specifications :

Item Type: Dent Removal Tool
Material: Plastics+ Stainless steel

Color: Gold
Package Weight: 320g
Package size: 18 cm * 13.5 cm/7.09 inch * 5.31 inch



Dent Repair Kit_0007_img_4_Car_Dent_Repair_Tools_Dent_Repair_Kit_Au.jpg


Package List :

1 * Dent Removal Tool
10 * Car dent repair tabs




Dent Repair Kit

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