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Disposable Shoe Covers


Disposable Shoe Covers


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Walking inside the house with shoes on will only spread dirt, mud, and bacteria everywhere. Instead of constantly cleaning, you can use The Disposable Shoe Covers to guarantee a spotless and healthier home for your family.


Disposable Shoe Covers


The Disposable Shoe Covers will keep your floors and shoes safe from contaminants, mud, and grime. They are intelligently designed with anti-skid technology to prevent any chances of slips and falls, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and can fit all shoe sizes! The Disposable Shoe Covers are waterproof, durable, recyclable, and stretchable with good toughness to not crack easily.


 Live a hygienic life with The Disposable Shoe Covers! 

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Reliable protection to keep the floors and your shoes safe in any situation.

Slip-resistant to ensure your safety in various situations.

Thick shoe covers that are lint-free, long-lasting, and resistant to rupturing and tearing.


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Stretchable & flexible one size that can fit all shoe sizes.

100% recyclable, non-toxic & zero latex to protect the environment too.

Waterproof material that prevents the penetration of water into your shoes.


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Non-skid & durable material that is not easy to break.

Easy on, easy off due to its highly elastic closure that is also comfortable and breathable.


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Specifications :

Material: PE
Color: blue
Size: 360mm*150mm


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Package List :

100 or 300* Shoe covers




Disposable Shoe Covers

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