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Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Original price was: $398.00.Current price is: $199.00.

Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Original price was: $398.00.Current price is: $199.00.

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So you can’t play a single session of Call Of Duty without cussing at your chair? It’s either time to join the “floor gang” or get yourself a gaming chair already!


Ergonomic Gaming Chair


Look, you spend hours sitting on your desk and that’s why you end up with back and neck pain. Unlike normal chairs, The Ergonomic Gaming Chair keeps your posture healthy (prevents spine misalignment) with its high padded backrest, neck and lumbar cushions, and thickened footrest and armrest.  Plus, you can use it in your office too.


You will slouch less, curse less, and play/work better with The Ergonomic Gaming Chair!

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✓  Wear-resistant leather & comfortable raw cotton material that is soft on your body.

✓  Skin-friendly, breathable & hygroscopic; it absorbs moisture so it’s perfect for summer games when the AC is broken!

✓  Strong & stable iron frame that supports your weight (maximum load:330lbs).


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✓  Adjustable Seat Height + 360° Swivel & 150°Max reclining to meet your desired position (you can easily lay back and think of strategies to win the game!)

✓  40cm added seat cushion, removable headrest & lumbar pillows that help you keep a good posture throughout the day.

✓  Thick padded back that keeps your back supported and your spine aligned.


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✓  Retractable thickened footrest to put up your feet and relax.

✓  Integrated armrest to support your arms/elbows while gaming or

working full-time.

✓  5-point stable electroplating legs & smooth-rolling PU casters to help you move across the room!


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✓  Thick explosion-proof baseplate (120mmm fast up and down gas lift cover) that not even your fiery temper can explode!

✓  Multifunctional; you can use it for gaming, work, studies, and anything that involves sitting long hours.

✓  Cool design that suits your unique gamer taste.

✓  Best birthday gift for a gamer or anybody who likes to collect fancy chairs.



✓  Specifications :

Material: Leather/Stereotype Cotton

Color: Black-red

Reclining: Max 150°

Height Adjustment: 11cm

Pillows: Removable Headrest & Lumbar Pillows

Maximum Load: 330lbs


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✓  Package list: :

1* Ergonomical Gaming Chair

Win the game with The Ergonomic Gaming Chair!




Ergonomic Gaming Chair

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