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Identity Protection Roller Stamp

Original price was: $47.80.Current price is: $23.90.

Identity Protection Roller Stamp

Original price was: $47.80.Current price is: $23.90.

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Protecting your privacy is a must, and the only way we know how to do it is by cutting the papers or shredding them, which can take a lot of time! Well, we have a better way…


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The Identity Protection Roller Stamp! This is the smartest, easiest, most convenient way to hide your personal info. In fact, you will end up having a lot of fun and saving so much time! This Security Stamp offers wide coverage with its special letter design that can make your personal information illegible. It will cover all your sensitive documents like your bank statements, prescription bottles, bills, taxes, medical records, and more.


Protect your personal info without listening to that shredding noise again!

Privacy Protection Roller Stamp_0000s_0009_Layer 19.jpg


✓  Cover things right up and protect your privacy in a clean, simple, and quick way.

✓  Multifunctional as it can hide your personal info on any paper, like your bank statements, shipping address, tax documents, etc.


Privacy Protection Roller Stamp_0000s_0016_Layer 6.jpg


✓  Wide coverage design to cover large letters with one single stroke.

✓  Comfortable to use due to its ergonomic and hand-held design.

✓  Durable roller stamp that can cover 20 meters of stamps before it needs a refill.


Privacy Protection Roller Stamp_0000s_0006_Layer 22.jpg


✓  Specifications :

Color: Red, Green, Orange, Blue, Purple, Yellow

Size: As the picture shows

Material: plastic + special photosensitive material


Privacy Protection Roller Stamp_0000s_0015_Layer 13.jpg

✓  Package List :

1* Security stamp




Identity Protection Roller Stamp

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