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Kids Whale Spray Water Cup_0009_img_4_250ml_Cup_Creative_Whale_Water_Spouting_.jpg

Kids Whale Spray Water Cup

Original price was: $37.80.Current price is: $18.90.

Kids Whale Spray Water Cup

Original price was: $37.80.Current price is: $18.90.

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Do your kids not get enough water? Do they hate taking their medicine? There is a trick to help them enjoy drinking water and drinking their meds or green smoothies whole: It’s the Kids Whale Spray Water Cup.


Kids Whale Spray Water Cup



With a whale spray water design and built-in straw, this bottle will attract your kid’s attention and make them love drinking water or any beverage or meds they have to take. The straw also prevents them from choking.

Order now and give your kid a gift!

Kids Whale Spray Water Cup_0012_img_0_250ml_Cup_Creative_Whale_Water_Spouting_.jpg


Safe, transparent Cup that makes it easier for kids to drink water or beverages.

Easy to carry and the water in the bottle is very visible to see how much your kid has consumed.


Kids Whale Spray Water Cup_0008_1_5177675539627.jpg


High-quality eco-friendly cup that is durable with a built-in straw.

Suitable for home, traveling, and picnics to help kids enjoy juice or smoothie.


Kids Whale Spray Water Cup_0010_img_3_250ml_Cup_Creative_Whale_Water_Spouting_.jpg



Specifications :

Material: PP(Polypropylene),PC

Color: Blue, Pink

Capacity: 250ml


Kids Whale Spray Water Cup_0002_Layer 1.jpg


Package List: 

1* Kids Whale Spray Water Cup




Kids Whale Spray Water Cup

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