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Kitty’s Litter Shovel

Original price was: $56.85.Current price is: $37.90.

Kitty’s Litter Shovel

Original price was: $56.85.Current price is: $37.90.

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Cleaning after cats can be a big hassle, regardless of whether you live in a small space or a large space or own one cat or more… Just think of all the poo you have to shovel and carry in heavy buckets (or spill all over the place)!


Kitty’s Litter Shovel


Kitty’s Litter Shovel is a better way to deal with waste thanks to its big, hollow shovel head that allows you to smoothly scoop litter out of the litter box and right into its attached trash can! It’s an all-in-one shovel that won’t waste your time!


Order your kitten’s litter shovel!

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A one-piece design with a big shovel head and a trash can to scoop the waste fast and without the mess!

A hollow shovel head with a non-slip, comfortable handle to make poo scooping more fun!


Kitty’s Litter Shovel_0011_cawayi-hodowla-plastikowa-lopatka-do-koc_main-0.jpg


Lock design that keeps the shovel and trash can attached for easy and quick shoveling.

The shovel handle is wear-resistant, unlike ordinary ones that break easily!

Detachable: You can put small trash bags in the trash can before locking the shovel back in place.


Kitty’s Litter Shovel_0007_2afdf997-cbcd-49d1-8be8-3c03ab02d45f_4.jpg


Specifications :

Material: PP

color: Grey

Size: 20*12*29cm



Kitty’s Litter Shovel_0008_cawayi-hodowla-plastikowa-lopatka-do-koc_main-5.jpg

Package List :

1* shovel

1* trash can




Kitty’s Litter Shovel

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