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Mini T Mirror Wiper


Mini T Mirror Wiper


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Don’t you hate it when your foggy, stained, or greasy bathroom mirror gets even foggier, greasier, and sloppier as soon as you wipe it? You must be using all the wrong tools to clean your mirrors then!

Mini T Mirror Wiper


The Mini T Mirror Wiper wipes off mist and water stains in one step. Just stick it to the mirror or wall and clean whenever and wipe whenever you notice smudges. It’s easy and practical with soft bristles and a scrape that won’t scratch your mirror.

Order for cleaner mirrors!

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Double purpose wiper with small brushes and a scraper to wash and wipe all mirrors in your house.

Soft bristles that won’t scratch your mirrors.


Mini T Mirror Wiper_0005_Layer 6.jpg


Easy to install to a wall or mirror, just paste it on either and it stays in place!

Cute T-shaped design that won’t look ghastly on the wall or mirror!


Mini T Mirror Wiper_0013_dwustronnie-szczotka-do-czyszczenia-szkl_main-1.jpg

Specifications :

Material: ABS+TPR

Weight: 30g

Size: 8*7*4cm



Package List: :

1* Mini T Mirror Wiper

Mini T Mirror Wiper_0001_Layer 10.jpg



Mini T Mirror Wiper

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