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Mop Holder

Original price was: $14.98.Current price is: $9.99.

Mop Holder

Original price was: $14.98.Current price is: $9.99.

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Wouldn’t you just love it if that mop/broom got out of the way? It can be really annoying to have an item that doesn’t fit anywhere around the house, and that’s why we present this wall-mounted mop holder!


Self-Locking Adhesive Mop Holder - ichigomochi


The heavy-duty mop and broom holder is easy to install and amazingly easy to use; you just place it on the holder to store it and lift the handle to release it. Also, the mop holder is sturdy, durable, and waterproof, so you can place it anywhere while resting assured that it’ll stick firmly and keep your mop secured.


Get organized! Order your mop and groom holder NOW!

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High-quality materials delivering a potent bearing capacity.

Compact and simply elegant size to beautify and organize your space.


Mop Holder


Easy installation & effortless placing and releasing.

The holder sticks firmly to the wall, so don’t worry about it falling off.


Mop Holder


Instantly adjusts to the thickness of the stick to grip it securely.

The mop holder is waterproof and durable.


Mop Holder


Perfect for storing and organizing mops, grooms, and any tools with a stick.

Can be mounted in the bathroom, kitchen, garage, etc.


Mop Holder



Color: White – Blue

Size: 7.5*4.7cm

Material: ABS + TPR + PP

Function: Storage


Mop Holder


Package List

1*Mop Holder


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