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Multipurpose Dog Leash

Original price was: $77.80.Current price is: $38.90.

Multipurpose Dog Leash

Original price was: $77.80.Current price is: $38.90.

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All Your Dog Needs In One Everyday Leash


Did you know that dogs can get dehydrated faster than humans do? So keeping your dog well hydrated should be among your top priorities. How can you do that? Simple. This Multipurpose dog leash is all you need.

It comes with a Leash, Water bowl, Waste bag dispenser, and a Hook for used waste bags. Besides, it’s durable, safe, and very useful

Stay prepared and get everything you need to feed, hydrate, and keep your pet ready for any adventure with this multipurpose Dog Leash!


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Keeps Your Dog Hydrated

The leash comes with a water bottle allowing you to keep your dog hydrated while out walking.


Multipurpose Dog Leash_0011_img_11_Durable_Dog_Leash_Automatic_Retractable_.jpg


Put An End To Carrying Bulky Items 

With this all-in-one leash, all of your dog’s essentials are easy to carry and ready to use at all times.


Multipurpose Dog Leash_0014_img_0_Durable_Dog_Leash_Automatic_Retractable_.jpg 
Built-in 5 dogs essentials

Leash, water container, hook, bowl, and waste bag


Multipurpose Dog Leash_0013_img_16_Durable_Dog_Leash_Automatic_Retractable_.jpg


Quality Materials

The leash features a safety catch made of solid steel, and the leash itself is made of double-strength nylon. Long-lasting and never breaks!



Multipurpose Dog Leash_0004_img_6_Durable_Dog_Leash_Automatic_Retractable_.jpg


Choice Of Two Colors

Comes in different colors: red or blue, so you can choose the shade you like best or the one that looks best on your dog.



Multipurpose Dog Leash_0012_img_10_Durable_Dog_Leash_Automatic_Retractable_.jpg


✓  Specifications :

Material: ABS

Size: 22x16x5.5CM

Color: red, blue



Multipurpose Dog Leash_0008_img_4_Durable_Dog_Leash_Automatic_Retractable_.jpg

✓  Package list :

1* multi-function dog leash






Multipurpose Dog Leash

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