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Personalized Dog Harness


Personalized Dog Harness


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Are you getting another collar for your dog? Hold on a second, did you ever consider that it might be painful for your dog to be leashed by the neck? It gets even more uncomfortable when you jerk on the leash!


Personalized Dog Harness


You need an alternative that won’t hurt your dog and still keep your dog ID tag; you need The Personalized Dog Harness. It is super comfortable and will fit your dog perfectly, keeping it comfy and safe outdoors.

Upgrade your dog’s walks and order The Personalized Dog Harness!

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✓  Custom harness where you can print your dog’s name; it is both fashionable & useful if you have two dogs!

✓  Comfortable and won’t put pressure on your dog; it will prevent pulling and choking.

✓  Breathable material that is suitable for all seasons; it won’t make your dog sweat or cause skin problems.


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✓  Sturdy Nylon handle that enhances the distance between you and your dog, making it perfect for training and easy control.

✓  Personalized Velcro Patch that you get to customize to fit your dog’s growth so you won’t have to replace it!

✓  Adjustable chest strap with snap on buckle buckle to keep it on your dog and keep it safe.


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✓  Reflective straps that are highly visible and will keep dogs safe at night or from getting lost.

✓  Easy to wear and adjust; connect the leash on the D-ring and get going!

✓  Multifunctional harness; perfect for daily walking, running, training, hiking, and more outdoor adventures.


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✓  Specifications  :

Material: Nylon

Color/design: Red,Green,Black,Blue


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✓  Package list :

1* Personalized Dog Harness




Personalized Dog Harness

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