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Pet & Baby Safety Door Lock

Original price was: $29.85.Current price is: $19.90.

Pet & Baby Safety Door Lock

Original price was: $29.85.Current price is: $19.90.

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Kids are curious; if there’s a door in sight, they will want to know what’s behind! But that can sometimes lead to them going outside unsupervised, locking themselves inside a room, or closing the door on their fingers. The same goes for pets!


Pet & Baby Safety Door Lock


The best way to prevent that is by installing the Pet & Baby Safety Door Lock. This lock will stop kids and pets from entering specific rooms or hurting themselves. Just tear off the 3M VHB tape and place the lever lock under the doorknob; no drilling or tools needed.


Order your safety lock now!

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Durable and strong lock that protects your pets and kids and protects your office or any room from your kids and pets as well!

Can be easily torn off, no residue, no damage to the door.

Applicable to most door handles on the market, it’s wider and smaller and doesn’t ruin the look of any door.


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Material: Plastic

Color: white



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1*Pet & Baby Safety Door Lock






Pet & Baby Safety Door Lock

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