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Petal-Shape Rotating Snack Box_0019_img_18_Rotating_Petal-Shape_Candy_Box_Snack_Nut.jpg

Rotating Petal-Shape Candy Box

Original price was: $97.80.Current price is: $48.90.

Rotating Petal-Shape Candy Box

Original price was: $97.80.Current price is: $48.90.

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Your snacks will taste better!

Do you enjoy spending your free time watching your favorite shows on your phone while snacking on different things?

Meet the Rotating Petal-Shape Candy Box that comes with 10 compartments where you can add 10 different types of snacks, like sunflower seeds, chips, dried fruits, and whatever else you like. And a place to hold your phone for you, too! Gently twist the little rotatable flower and everything will be available to you. It’s non-toxic, wear-resistant, and durable.

So, what’s better? Plenty of space-taking plates or a unique and artistic candy box on your evening table?

Petal-shaped rotating candy box - tanowii


Store different snacks separately 

10 compartments where you can organize all kinds of snacks, including chips, dried fruits, sunflower seeds, and candy.


FlowerCandy™ - ROTATING KITCHEN STORAGE BOX – Living Better India

Rotatable & fun

Gently twist the flower switch on the top to open all the compartments at once, then rotate it back to close them.


Petal-Shape Rotating Snack Box_0031_img_6_Rotating_Petal-Shape_Candy_Box_Snack_Nut.jpg


Cute & smart design with mobile holder

There is a place where you can put your phone to watch your favorite shows while having snacks.


Petal-Shape Rotating Snack Box_0022_img_15_Rotating_Petal-Shape_Candy_Box_Snack_Nut.jpg

Safe, wear-resistant & anti-slip

The candy box is made of food-grade PP to ensure the safety of your snacks. It’s also wear-resistant and anti-slip!



Petal-Shape Rotating Snack Box_0003_Layer 6.jpg

Great for your afternoon tea

Add an artistic look to your afternoon tea with your family and friends.


Petal-Shape Rotating Snack Box_0004_Layer 5.jpg



✓  Specifications :

Quantity: 10

Material: ABS

Color: pink, blue, red

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Use: Food



Petal-Shape Rotating Snack Box_0035_img_2_Rotating_Petal-Shape_Candy_Box_Snack_Nut.jpg

✓ Package List :

1* Rotating Petal-Shape Candy Box






Rotating Petal-Shape Candy Box

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