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Safe Driver’s Vent Pocket

Original price was: $39.80.Current price is: $19.90.

Safe Driver’s Vent Pocket

Original price was: $39.80.Current price is: $19.90.

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No more fumbling for your phone and being pulled over – or worse, causing an accident due to distracted driving. The Multi-functional Car Vent Pocket holds your phone & stores your cables, glasses, notepads, pens, and more within reach so you can drive safely.


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All you have to do is pass the wire through the air vent so it hangs on the wind blade and place your valuables or phone inside the pocket.

Stay safe & comfortable with the Multi-functional Safe Driver’s Vent Pocket!

Safely Reach For Your Valuables While Driving

Our Safe Driver’s Vent Pocket has 4 pockets (1 large pocket for charger, cables, notepads, glasses; 1 transparent pocket for phone; 1 open small pocket, 1 pocket for pen or sunglasses) so you won’t risk your life rummaging through your bag.

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Use Your Phone Safely & Avoid Distracted Driving Charges

By hanging the pocket in the car vent and placing your phone inside, you can answer calls or check Google Maps through the pocket and stay safe from both car accidents and reckless driving charges!

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Charge Your Phone While On The Go

The charger port design at the bottom of the pocket lets you charge your phone in the car while navigating.

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Money Won’t Go To Waste, This Pocket Lasts A Lifetime

Made of high-quality PU leather, our vent pocket is wear-resistant, durable, and lasts for a very long time so your money won’t go to waste.

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You Can Easily Install & Remove It From The Car Vent 

You can simply hang it on any car’s air outlet & adjust the suspension handle so it can be shorter/longer for your convenience.




Specifications :

Material: PU leather

Color: brown, red, beige, grey, black

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Package list  :

1* Safe Driver’s Vent Pocket




Safe Driver’s Vent Pocket

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