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Side Car Seat Storage Wallet

Original price was: $52.35.Current price is: $34.90.

Side Car Seat Storage Wallet

Original price was: $52.35.Current price is: $34.90.

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Police officers use them. It’s about time that you too got the Side Car Seat Storage Wallet! This storage organizer is a favourite amongst cops, uber drivers, van drivers, and many more!

It goes between your front car seats and holds your phone, sunglasses, keys, cards, wallet, pens, cables, driver’s license and any documents you need on the go.




Keep your car clean and clutter-free with this storage box!  Claim your storage wallet asap!! only 8 left.


Side Car Seat Box10.jpg


✓  Doubles storage space.

✓  Keeps your car organized.


Side Car Seat Box9.jpg


✓  No effect on gear control or seat belts.

✓  Keeps the charging port accessible.


Side Car Seat Box1.jpg


✓  Stop struggling with a crammed car.

✓  Fill the seat gap and get more storage at the same time.


Side Car Seat Box7.jpg


✓  Keep your daily items neatly organized.

✓  Reach for your phone without having to fumble around.


Side Car Seat Box2.jpg


✓  Specification:

Material: PU leather

Color: Identical


Side Car Seat Box4.jpg


✓  Package List :

1 * Side Car Seat Storage Wallet



Side Car Seat Storage Wallet

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