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Versatile Weaving Loom_0001_img_6_Wooden_Multi-functional_Loom_Weaving_DIY.jpg

Versatile Weaving Loom

Original price was: $58.35.Current price is: $38.90.

Versatile Weaving Loom

Original price was: $58.35.Current price is: $38.90.

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Bored at home and want to try a new hobby? Why not invest in a weaving loom and make some pretty tapestry, fingerless mittens, scarf, and other cool items?!

Whether you want to kill boredom or help a child practice weaving, The Versatile Weaving Loom will help you do just that and more. It’s made of long-lasting wood and is versatile & compact so you can create crafts on a table, floor, or while relaxing on the couch!


Enjoy DIY crafts with our brand new Versatile Weaving Loom!

Versatile Weaving Loom

Finest Quality: Your Money Won’t Go To Waste

Our weaving loom is made of authentic, high-quality beech wood that will let you create crafts for a long time.

Versatile Weaving Loom_0002_photo_2021-04-06 19.08.54.jpg

Make The Most Beautiful Tapestry In No Time

It takes only a few minutes to assemble the weaving loom kit so you can start weaving and creating crafts and waste no creative ideas!

Versatile Weaving Loom_0012_img_4_Wooden_Multi-functional_Loom_Weaving_DIY.jpg

Create Crafts On The Floor, Table, Or Anywhere

Unlike typical weaving looms that are heavy and large, our versatile weaving loom is lightweight and compact, letting easily operate and create tapestries anywhere you like, including couch, table, or even your bed.

Versatile Weaving Loom_0009_img_7_Wooden_Multi-functional_Loom_Weaving_DIY.jpg

Learn To Weave With Your Kids And Have A Fun Time

Our loom is suitable for adults and children aged six and older, so you can have fun teaching your kids or learning together how to weave and make not only tapestry but also cool clothing items like scarves or mittens, and more.

Versatile Weaving Loom_0008_img_8_Wooden_Multi-functional_Loom_Weaving_DIY.jpg

Cool Gift For Both Adults And Children

You can gift the Versatile Weaving Loom to a friend who loves DIY crafts or a child to encourage creative activity!



Versatile Weaving Loom_0013_img_2_Wooden_Multi-functional_Loom_Weaving_DIY.jpg

Specifications :

Material: beech wood

Color: warm wood color

Length: about 40cm / 15.75in

Width: about 25cm / 9.84in


Versatile Weaving Loom_0003_img_13_Wooden_Multi-functional_Loom_Weaving_DIY.jpg

Note: You can use it for woven and tapestry images with a width of about 20cm/7.87in). :

Package list  :

1* toms frame *

1* shuttle

2* bobbin *

1* wooden stick

1* wooden comb *




Versatile Weaving Loom

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