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Wireless Portable Thermal Printer


Wireless Portable Thermal Printer


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Dreamed of printing on the go? Welcome to a world where you can print anything, anytime – be it a crucial business report on a trip, the final touches to a travel journal, last-minute car-ride presentation preparation, daily office documents, or even homework right before class. Say hello to the Portable Thermal Printer!

This Portable Thermal Printer lets you print a diverse array of documents. You can easily print reports, photographs, schedules, graphics, or even fun doodles in a minute!



Thanks to its advanced thermal printing technology, the Portable Thermal Printer doesn’t rely on ink, toner, or ribbon. All it needs is A4 thermal paper and you’re set to print, making it the smart, convenient, and mess-free choice. (We recommend pairing it with our original Phomemo thermal papers for an even crisper and clearer print).

Whether you’re an IOS or Android user, you can effortlessly connect your devices via Bluetooth and print straight from your phone. You can also connect it via USB to your iMac or Windows 7/8/10.

A4 thermal printer5.jpg


Portable Printing: Offers the freedom to print anything, anytime, whether you’re on a business trip, traveling, in your car, at the office, or at school.

Wide Range of Printing Options: Perfect for printing business reports, travel journals, presentations, daily documents, and even last-minute homework.


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Thermal Printing Technology: No need for ink, toner, or ribbon, just requires A4 thermal paper. Offers a smart, convenient, and mess-free printing solution.

High Compatibility: Supports both IOS and Android devices via Bluetooth connection for mobile printing. It also provides USB connectivity for MAC and Windows 7/8/10 users.


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Recommended Pairing: For optimal print clarity, pair with original Phomemo thermal paper. (Please note: not compatible with plain paper.)

Versatility: Ideal gadget for every tech user out there, supporting a diverse array of printing needs in various settings.

Freedom and Convenience: The Portable Thermal Printer revolutionizes how and where you print, offering unmatched freedom and convenience.


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Weight: 1.5kg

Print Speed: 16ppm


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1 x portable printer

5 x sheets of A4 thermal paper

1 x U disk drive

1 x USB Type-C

1 x Storage Bag

1 x Quick Start Guide



Wireless Portable Thermal Printer

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