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Zoom Telescope Lens

Original price was: $43.48.Current price is: $28.99.

Zoom Telescope Lens

Original price was: $43.48.Current price is: $28.99.

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You’ve bought your top-tier phone believing that its camera was superb as they announced but when you tried to zoom distance objects, you weren’t satisfied? The good news is that you can keep that phone and get this Zoom Telescope Lens for EXTRA zoom!


Optical Zoom Phone Lens Clip – krystalshine.com


The Zoom Telescope Lens is perfect for people who take photography really seriously and use cell phones as their primary photo device. With a telescope lens capable of zooming 8 to 12x, it’s perfect to see clearly even the farthest object, subject, or landscape. Its clip is compatible with all cellphones, even when using a protective case. Oh, and by the way, the high-performance lens will improve your image quality and give you the best macros!


Time has come for your greatest adventures to be perfectly documented with the wildest and best photographs with this Zoom Telescope Lens.

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✓  Small, portable, and can be used on all kinds of cell phone models easily.

✓  High quality & durable acrylic and ABS materials, resistant to falls and scratches.

✓  Ability to zoom 8 to 12x and providing crystal clear images.


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✓  High-quality lens performance that improves image quality and perfect macros.

✓  Comes with a clip to fit any cell phone, even with a protective case.


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✓  Perfect to be used as binoculars to see sports from far away.

✓  Perfect for people who use smartphones as a professional camera.


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✓  Specifications :

Material: Acrylic, ABS

Size: approx. in length: 88 mm / inch (non-elastic), can stretch 15 mm / inch

Small lens diameter: 15mm / inch; large lens diameter: 21mm / inch (excluding lens edge)

Real expansion: 8/12 times

Lens diameter lens: 25mm / 0.9 inches

Exit distance: 2,2mm / 0.8 inches

Outlet diameter: 11mm / 0.4 inches

Field of view: 70 degrees


Zoom Telescope Lens_0014_Layer 12.jpg


✓  Package List :

1* Telescope head

1* Mirror cover

1* Universal phone clip

1* Wipe cloth




Zoom Telescope Lens

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