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100 Sheets Air Fryer Steamer Liners


100 Sheets Air Fryer Steamer Liners


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Who has time to waste when it comes to cooking? The Air Fryer Steamer Liners make cooking easier and faster. Not only do they help your food cook evenly and prevent sticking, but they’re also non-sticky and easy to clean so you can spend less time scrubbing pots and pans and more time enjoying your meal.




Get your air fryer sheets and make cooking more fun!

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Non-stick: Coated with silicone to prevent food from sticking onto your steamer or air fryer.

Safe Material: Made from 100% food grade pulp, non-toxic, hygienic.


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Suitable high temperature: Liners can withstand temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit!

Dimensions: These parchment paper liners are 10 inches in diameter.


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Size: 20cm/ 8 inch

Shapes: round, square

Color: white, brown


100 Sheets Air Fryer Steamer Liners



100 x fryer sheets

100 Sheets Air Fryer Steamer Liners

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