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Car Polishing Kit

Original price was: $43.35.Current price is: $28.90.

Car Polishing Kit

Original price was: $43.35.Current price is: $28.90.

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Wow…your car has become a work of art and for all the wrong reasons— just look at that big “Clean Me” written in the dust on the windshield!

Because there is something about dirty cars that makes you want to clean them (sarcasm intended), it goes without saying that you should clean that dusty, dirty car of yours. But don’t just clean it with the scouring sponge that you use to wash the dishes (scratches, hello?).


Car Polishing Kit


If you care about your car, use The Car Polishing Kit that is designed to leave your car spotless and scratch-free. Your car will look brand new and become the envy of your neighbors!


Polish your car like it deserves with The Car Polishing Kit!

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✓  Multifunctional 25-piece kit; suitable for polishing of car trolleys, waxing, polishing, and sealing glaze of various coating waxes, cleaning and improving brightness.

✓  High-quality ABS material that you won’t wear out easily.

✓  Durable sponges with sturdy back & different levels of softness to suit rough and small areas of your car.


Car Polishing Kit_0004_Layer 18.jpg


✓  Flexible sponges (degree of flexibility is ordered by color) to make car-washing easier for you.

✓  Reusable high-density yellow sponge & premium wool buffer, sponge pad, and curved pad that generate foam & polish every corner of your car!

✓  Easy to wash (you can change pads in seconds) so you won’t have to invest even more time & effort after washing your car!


Car Polishing Kit_0010_Layer 12.jpg


✓  Velcro Sucker with powerful elasticity and rotating speed (should be limited below 5800RPM) to clean the surface of your car.

✓  Magic Velcro with barbs making it stickier and firmer than any other!

✓  M10 aluminum alloy Drill Adapter to firmly connect the polisher and velcro sucker. (attach the suction cup to the polishing machine, glue wool ball to the sucker, install the conversion ball onto the drill, attach the suction cup to the transfer leveler…)


Car Polishing Kit_0034_img_54_Car_Polishing_Sponge_Pads_Kit_Foam_Pad_B.jpg

✓  Specifications :

Material: sponge, wool

Colors: as shown in images

Quantity: 25pcs/set


Car Polishing Kit_0031_img_48_Car_Polishing_Sponge_Pads_Kit_Foam_Pad_B.jpg


✓  Package list :

25-piece* Car Polishing Kit




Car Polishing Kit

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