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Face Shield Glasses

Original price was: $37.48.Current price is: $24.90.

Face Shield Glasses

Original price was: $37.48.Current price is: $24.90.

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Did somebody just sneeze near you —or worse, on you?! If you’re constantly worried about germs entering your body, get yourself the Face Shield Glasses!


Face Shield Glasses


This shield will protect your face from germs, dust, splashes, sand on the beach or desert, and even the wind! It is super comfortable, reliable, safe, and suitable for both men and women!


Protect your face from germs and order the Face Shield Glasses!

Face Shield Glasses


✓  Transparent high toughness material that can withstand pressure, drops, tear, and deformation.

✓  120°C  High-temperature sterilization that effectively protects your face.

✓  Polycarbonate lens that ensures clear vision & protects your eyes, nose, and mouth from germs.


Face shield glasses main.jpg


✓  One-piece nose bridge design that makes it comfortable to wear for as long as you need.

✓  Aerodynamic contours of Blocc allowing you to use it as a wind deflector for cycling!


Face shield glasses4.jpg


✓  Non-disposable, easy to clean & reuse, making it environmentally friendly. 

✓  Suitable for indoor & outdoor activities, for men & women: you can use it in the kitchen, for sports games, etc.


Face shield glasses11.jpg

✓  Specifications :

Material: Plastic/polycarbonate lens

Size: L: 6.7*5.3inches; M: 6.3*4.8inches


Face shield glasses8.jpg

✓  Package list :

1* Protective Face Shield Glasses




Face Shield Glasses

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