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Multifunctional Kitchen Spice Rack Set

Original price was: $50.85.Current price is: $33.90.

Multifunctional Kitchen Spice Rack Set

Original price was: $50.85.Current price is: $33.90.

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Spice jars take up too much space in your kitchen cabinets or shelves? Still digging through cluttered cupboards to find the right spice? The under-shelf spice organizer helped thousands of people make their kitchen time more practical.




Crafted with high-quality materials and designed to fit seamlessly under your kitchen shelf, this spice rack maximizes unused space while keeping your spices organized and easily accessible. With its pull-out compartment, you can store up to seven standard spice jars, without taking up valuable counter or cupboard space. And it’s not just for spices, you can use it to keep medical pills or hazardous objects away from children’s reach.




But that’s not all! The spice rack is super easy to install with its self-adhesive design, and it’s built to last.

Make your kitchen tidier and cleaner — join satisfied customers who can’t stop raving about this rack!

Multifunctional Kitchen Spice Rack Set

Why People Love it:

Clever pull-out compartment maximizes unused space beneath your kitchen shelf.

Holds up to 7 standard spice jars; it can also hold tea bags, coffee pods, sauce pockets, pills etc.


Kitchen Spice Rack1.jpg


Self-adhesive design makes installation easy and hassle-free.

Durable construction ensures long-lasting use.


Kitchen Spice Rack8.jpg


Helps keep your spices organized and easily accessible.

Saves valuable counter and cupboard space.


Kitchen Spice Rack9.jpg


Ideal for small kitchens and apartments with limited storage.

Easy to clean and maintain for lasting beauty and functionality.


Kitchen Spice Rack7.jpg



Material: Plastic

Color: as shown



Kitchen Spice Rack4.jpg


Package List

1 x Kitchen Spice Rack Set


Multifunctional Kitchen Spice Rack Set

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