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Unisex UV Protection Hat


Unisex UV Protection Hat


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UV rays can damage the DNA in skin cells directly and are the main cause of skin cancer. This is why you need the Unisex UV Protection Hat!

Our revolutionary Unisex UV Protection Hat has a built-in UV barrier that reflects the sun’s heat and protects you from damaging UV rays, keeping you cooler during the summer.


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Rear adjustable elastic drawstring design built-in for one size fits all, fits all adults.


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This hat has UV protection built in to protect your face and neck from the sun’s harmful rays.


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Can be used as a regular hat or can be turned into a cowboy hat as well.


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It has a small hole built-in for ladies with ponytails too.


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It’s waterproof and has quick-dry functionality built-in.


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It’s good for windy days too. Comes with an adjustable drawstring to keep the hat from flying off in the wind.


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Double fabric design, sweat absorption mesh lining, adjustable straps. It’ll keep you cool and comfortable.


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It’s easily foldable, so you can pack it and take it anywhere with you. The sun hat still keeps in good shape after being folded up and down so many times.





✓ Specifications: :

Premium Material: Quick-drying, breathable polyester

Circumference of hat crown: 21.6”-22.8”(54-58cm)

Gender: Male, Female

Strong Anti-uv Function, UPF 50+

3.35 inch Large Wide Brim


Unisex UV Protection Hat


✓ Package list:

*1x Unisex UV Protection Hat




Unisex UV Protection Hat

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