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Couch Cup Holder


Couch Cup Holder


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We all love to be couch potatoes, and when Netflix is involved, even getting up to make something as small as a drink feels like a laborious task! And you know what’s worse? Looking for the remote control while holding the drink you just made and spilling it all over your couch!


CouchCoaster: Weighted Drink Holder for Your Sofa


It’s in moments like these that the Couch Cup Holder saves the day; you only have to place it on the armrest and it will hold your cup, bottle, remote, and even your phone. It’s high temperature resistant & waterproof so you won’t spill drinks or burn the couch!


Be a proud couch potato, hurry and order your Couch Cup Holder!

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✓  Thick food-grade silicone material that is safe and durable to hold your cups, bottles, remote, etc.

✓  High-temperature resistance (30°c ~ 230°c) & stable once installed on the armrest; it protects the sofa from burns and spills.


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✓  Built-in cardboard sleeve that prevents the cup from slipping; the stainless steel tubes increase weight & stabilize the cup.

✓  Waterproof, antifouling smooth surface that is easy to clean.

✓  Suitable for a variety of sofas (except for sofas with width of arms that is less than 11cm).



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✓  Specifications :

Material: Food grade silicone + stainless steel tube

Color: As shown in images

Weight: about 530g



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✓  Package list  :

1* Couch Cup Holder




Couch Cup Holder

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