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Ergonomic Computer Metal Arm Support_0025_img_3_Mouse_Computer_Bracket_Arm_Wrist_Hand_Re.jpg

Ergonomic Computer Metal Arm Support

Original price was: $149.80.Current price is: $74.90.

Ergonomic Computer Metal Arm Support

Original price was: $149.80.Current price is: $74.90.

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Improve Your Posture And Long-Term Health With This Desk Armrest!


Do you spend a lot of time at your desk? Do you often experience arm, wrist, shoulder, and neck pain? The solution is simple, affordable, and super effective!

This fully adjustable Ergonomic Computer Metal Arm Support is designed to support your forearm and wrist as you work to avoid work-related injuries by reducing stress on your shoulders, arm, and wrist.

Take time to improve your workspace and get one now!

Ergonomic Computer Metal Arm Support

Fully Adjustable

It allows you to swivel and adjust the height to adapt to your working preferences. It freely moves with your arm as you work, creating the perfect support system.


Ergonomic Computer Metal Arm Support_0012_Layer 7.jpg

Ergonomic Design

Its unique design ensures you can move freely, comfortably, and effortlessly to perform your computer tasks.


Ergonomic Computer Metal Arm Support_0009_Layer 10.jpg

Improves Blood Circulation & Reduces Pain

To reduce the localized pressure on the wrist and eliminates the constant strain on muscles in the neck, arms, and shoulders.


Ergonomic Computer Metal Arm Support_0002_Layer 19.jpg

Easy Installation

features a robust and comfortable construction making it stable and super easy to use & install


Ergonomic Computer Metal Arm Support_0021_Layer 1.jpg


The armrest is extremely portable and installs simply and quickly. It can be disassembled in seconds and can easily be carried in a briefcase or computer bag.


Ergonomic Computer Metal Arm Support_0026_img_2_Mouse_Computer_Bracket_Arm_Wrist_Hand_Re.jpg



Made of high-quality aluminum material, durable, and long-lasting


Ergonomic Computer Metal Arm Support_0016_Layer 3.jpg


Specifications :

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Size: As the picture show

Optimum distance:50-70cm

Best angle:10-30 degree


Ergonomic Computer Metal Arm Support_0020_img_10_Mouse_Computer_Bracket_Arm_Wrist_Hand_Re.jpg


Package List :

1 x Computer Mouse Hand Bracket Elbow Stand






Ergonomic Computer Metal Arm Support

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