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Sleepyhead’s 3D Eye Mask tmp_0005_06336d84-5b89-4c54-b663-11f58e146b2d_2.jpg

Sleepyhead’s 3D Eye Mask

Original price was: $28.35.Current price is: $18.90.

Sleepyhead’s 3D Eye Mask

Original price was: $28.35.Current price is: $18.90.

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You probably give more attention to the screen in front of you than to your poor, unblinking eyes! Whether you’re an office worker or just anybody with eyes, you need good, peaceful sleep!


Sleepyhead’s 3D Eye Mask


The Sleepyhead’s 3D Eye Mask will do you a huge favor with its three-dimensional structure and smooth silk material that shield your eyes from sunlight or artificial lights at night (if your partner likes to sleep with the light on!) to enjoy deep, comfortable sleep. 


Every sleepy head needs a Sleepyhead’s mask — order now!

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A 3D sleep mask that blocks light from all directions and prevents interrupted light sleep!

The light barrier is adjustable & perfectly fits the bridge of the nose (any nose!) to prevent light leakage even if you lie in the sun.


Sleepyhead’s 3D Eye Mask tmp_0006_img_5_3D_Memory_Foam_Silk_Sleep_Mask_Soft Wome.jpg


Soft memory foam & gentle pure mulberry silk to go gentle into that good night!

Elastic band suitable for people with a head circumference of about 40cm-75cm15.75-29.5inches).

Safe & skin-friendly with zero pressure so it won’t give you any headaches or eyelash loss, only peaceful sleep!


Sleepyhead’s 3D Eye Mask tmp_0007_img_4_3D_Memory_Foam_Silk_Sleep_Mask_Soft Wome.jpg


Material: memory foam

Size: 25×10.5×1.5cm

Weight: 45g

Colour: Black

Product Category: 3D Eye Mask

Specifications: Mask model (1021)

Gross weight: 50 grams

Style: 3D



Sleepyhead’s 3D Eye Mask tmp_0003_Layer 3.jpg

Package List:   :

1* Sleepyhead’s 3D Eye Mask




Sleepyhead’s 3D Eye Mask

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